"Hmmm. The view is great - but I think the room needs a unique woodturning by Peter Kinsella."

Invest in a Truly Unique Gift of Nature

No trees are harvested to make these beautiful bowls and vessels. Peter uses only fallen wood and searches for pieces with unique characteristics. The wood must be dried slowly (5-6 months) before shaping can begin. Each piece provides its own inspiration and Peter slowly begins to coax out its hidden beauty for all the world to see. After hours of careful sanding and a light touch of oil this work of art is now ready to be shared and appreciated.

A truly “made in New Brunswick” gift to grace any fine home.

Maple burl vase
14 inches by 14 inches
16 inch curly
maple bowl
Cedar, cherry and maple
Cedar burl vase
Maple burl vases
Wine carrier and vase
18 inch white ash

Walnut, maple and
cedar items

Cherry burl vase

Cherry burl
vase with wings

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